Sidr Craft

SIDR Craft, now a recognized UNESCO Seal recipient is a social enterprise employing over 200 craftswomen in Kutch, India. They are masters in the art of dyeing, using the traditional craft, Bandhani.

Bandhani is a Sanskrit word that describes the skill of making intricate patterns in silk or cotton by first tying tiny bindings and then dying the cloth.  Bandhani technique dates back to 4000 BC and is currently practiced by many families in India. Traditionally women will do the tying of the cloth to create the patterns and then men will do the often multi-stage dying of the fabric.  These textiles are integral to their culture. Brides often wear bandhani sarees or dupattas, as they are thought to bring a new bride luck. Some of the patterns have been passed down from previous generations while others reflect the creative ideas of a new generation.  If you should find a tiny piece of thread still attached to the pattern, you know that it is an authentic bandhani piece and not a mass-produced copy!