Haridra Hand Painted Natural Dye Dress One Size

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This dress has been hand painted in the traditional Kalamkari technique, practiced over centuries in India. Silpinwita, founder of the brand Haridra, is an excellent painter. Inspired by abstract art, she free hands the initial sketch, commingling ancient tradition and modern aesthetic. The color is then applied using brushes created from twigs. All color used is natural from plants, bark and flowers. To achieve this depth of color from the natural dyes, the Kalamkari process requires numerous skillful steps.

This is the dress you will want to wear all summer and into the autumn.  The drape of its fabric makes the sizing flattering for all.  Pair it with one of Haridra’s matka silk scarves for a stunning look!

*One size


Material  100% Cotton, Natural Dyes
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