Dwaraka Hand Painted Silk Chiffon Shawl Marigold

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Sitting on a veranda in Cochin.  Dark wood. Rattan chairs. Gin and tonic with lots of lime on the table. The day has been sweltering but the ocean breeze is picking up now.  Grateful to have this unique textile to wrap around your shoulders, pull across your simple dress. Your dinner partner comments on the exquisite colors and pattern of the shawl.  Feeling lucky to own this artful piece. Feeling grateful for the skillful hands that painted it.


This shawl has been hand painted in the traditional Kalamkari technique, practiced over centuries in the southern regions of India. The artisans of Dwaraka free hand the initial sketch in traditional Kalamkari motifs. The peacock is often used as a symbol of abundance. The color is then applied using brushes created from twigs. All color used is natural from plants, bark and flowers. Wrap yourself in these exquisite silk paintings.

Material 100% Silk Chiffon
Dimensions 43" x 97"


Each item we have is made by the hands of skilled artisans. Handmade items, by nature, are each unique and have variations. We celebrate those variations and hope you will too!

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