Tahiana Handwoven Vetiver Nest Basket Medium

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A true artisan knows how to turn an everyday item into a thing of beauty.  The women artisans of Tahiana have done just that.  Vetiver grass has many uses and properties.  It has been used to make perfume since ancient times and is still prized for that today (think Chanel, Guerlain, Lancome, etc.)  Tahiana women gather and clean the roots of this perennial plant.  Then they weave a basket to hold their food.  But what a work of art they create!  Use it everyday in your kitchen.  Hang one of each size on your wall (loop included).  Stack them on a table and fill with dried flowers.  The gentle aroma will last awhile and can be refreshed by sprinkling the basket with water.  Vetiver oil has been known through the ages as the “oil of tranquility”.  A stunning basket with a lovely aroma……perfect as a gift for you and someone special!


Material Dried Vetiver Root
Dimensions (approximate)

Medium: 14" Diameter x 5" Height



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